Tracking Corporate Activity with Google Analytics

Many companies find it difficult to measure the interest level of a prospect, create an opportunity orGoogle Analytics Network Location determine their marketing effectiveness. A corporate website is a great resource for gathering this information but only if you can convenience a visitor to self-identify by having them fill out a form or calling a sales number.

Using Google Analytics you can track most company’s visits to your website.

Network Location

Google Analytics has a report called Network Location. Network Location tracks which internet service providers your visitors use. This report allows you to track the internet service provider (ISP) domains to which the user resolves. The domain is determined by the internet service that owns the user’s internet protocol (IP) identifier. This doesn’t work well if you are a B to C company as most consumers use larger ISPs. But most businesses own their internet Protocol identifier and therefore have identifiable networks.

What can you do with this information?

1.You can create regional reports of corporate activity and have it automatically sent to your sales team.

2. You can identify competitors when they visit your website and what pages they are viewing.

3. You can measure the success of B to B marketing campaign by the number of visits to your website by companies that were in your campaign.Spike in Network Traffic

This image shows an example of a spike in traffic to the website from Google’s corporate headquarters when we sent out an email marketing campaign.

My next articles in this category will be about how to customize the Network Traffic reports to get more refined information.