Delivra Review : Email Service Provider


My Fourth review in the Email Service Provider Round-up was Delivra. Delivra is a reseller of the Lyris List manager which was a nice option becuase it didn’t come with the additional add ons that Lyris has bundled in their Lyris HQ offering.

User Interface

delivira dashboardThe user interface is clean and easy to read. The homepage loads with the results of your most recent campaign and you can easily navigate through the sections of the application from the left side navigation and it didn’t suffer from the multiple pop-up windows found in the Lyris HQ application.

They separate their content from the “mailings.” Mailings are content combined with a list, but you can create the content from the mailing section or from the content section. Did you get that straight? No? That is okay, I didn’t get it either!

They do not allow for dynamic content creation so that may be a something that would affect our future marketing efforts.


Part of my review was to send the same email campaign using each ESP that was in the round-up to determine what the baseline deliverability rates for each ESP.

Results of the Delivra test email campaign:

  • Number of emails sent: 200
  • delivered: 175
  • Hard Bounces: 20
  • Soft Bounces: 7
  • Unique Opens: 17 (8% open rate)

Delivra doesn’t have a dedicated deliverability team, Third-Party accreditation or an ISP score feature so you are completely in the dark when it comes to how “spammish” your emails appear to the major Service providers. An 8% open rate was the lowest of any of the ESP that were in our round-up!

Final Thoughts

Delivra was just the “list manager” component of Lyris and so it scored higher in UI but they lacked any real differentiator. One of the benefits of going with a reseller of a product like List Manager is that they offer a more targeted or personalized experience that you wouldn’t typically get. Unfortunately you don’t get any of those benefits with Delivra.