WordPress Responsive Contact Form

Since I’ve started developing WordPress themes that use the Twitter Bootstrap framework I wanted a contact form that also took advantage of that responsive design. I’ve used the Enhanced contact form by Yoast and I liked the functionality, but it didn’t have the control that I needed. Since Yoast isn’t maintaining that plugin any  longer I decided it made sense to build a new one.

FreshClicks Responsive Contact Form is a simple WordPress plugin that generates a responsive contact form on your website or blog using the Twitter Bootstrap Framework. It offers great flexibility and is incredibly easy to use.


  • Native Twitter bootstrap form fields so the form will scale to any browser size.
  • Modify classes to adjust the look and feel of the form using Twitter Bootstrap built in classes or use your own.
  • Built-in simple anti-spam logic.
  • Sanitizes form submissions to prevent cross site script(XSS) attacks.
  • Use the shortcode [freshclicks_form] on any page or blog post to insert the form.


Please let me know if you like the plugin, what features you might like to see in a feature release, and if you have any problems with it.

You can download the plugin directly from your WordPress admin or from the WordPress website