Search Engine Optimization

Want more qualified traffic to your fancy new website?

We incorporate only “white hat” best practices to make sure search engine spiders not only find your site in good shape, but give it the best possible ranking! “White hat” (as apposed to “Black hat”) is the term used to describe SEO practices that will not put your site at risk of being penalized or even de-listed by search engines. This includes practices items like unique title pages, properly formatted site maps, and canonical URLs.

Search Engine Optimization is the science of adjusting content on your website and hyperlinks to get the best possible ranking on search engines. It’s a fine line between Search Engine Optimization “best practices” and creating a negative user experience. Our approach is to focus on the best user experience possible and then implement it in a way that makes the most of the keyword “juice”.

Get found by people looking for your solutions

With a properly executed Search Engine Optimization strategy your web pages will climb up the search engine result pages and be seen by far more qualified visitors.

Reduce your Pay-Per-Click costs

By increasing your QualityScore, regardless of how well your pages rank for natural search results, we can positively impact your Pay Per Click advertising campaigns by optimizing the page for your target keywords. We’ve optimized pages that went from a QualityScore of 2/10 to 7/10 dropping the average cost per click by 63%

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