StreamSend Review: Email Service Provider

streamsendAs part of our ESP Round-up we evaluated six Email Service Providers. The fact that StreamSend made it to the evaluation stage is proof that print advertising does work. I saw a full page ad in BtoB Marketing Magazine and was impressed enough with the ad that I looked into them further and ultimately decided to add them to the evaluation stage. During our evaluation StreamSend started off at a disadvantage because they have a new user interface StreamSend 2.0 but at the time of our review, it didn’t have key features such as triggered event capabilities. So we were only able to evaluate their previous version as it had the features that were part of our requirements.

User Interface

Editor’s note: After our review and selection of an ESP, StreamSend 2.0 released a version that has triggered events and full API support. At the request of StreamSend I have removed the User Interface review as it was of a product they no longer make available to the public and therefore did not serve anyone’s interest.


StreamSend doesn’t have a dedicated deliverability team but they do have authentication tools and an optional third party accreditation through Habeous. Part of my review was to send the same email campaign using each ESP that was in the round-up to determine what the baseline deliverability rates for each ESP.

Results of the StreamSend test email campaign:

  • Number of emails sent: 200
  • delivered: 168
  • Hard Bounces: 9
  • Soft Bounces: 24
  • Unique Opens: 24 (13% open rate)

A 13% open rate was average for the ESPs that were in our round-up.

Final Thoughts

While StreamSend had an average score in deliverability, the fact that we were only able to evaluate the classic version, they didn’t have a dedicated deliverability team, a significant share of the Email Marketing space and our user experience kept us from choosing StreamSend as a solution.

If you are looking for an affordable solution that has advanced features but do not need a dedicated team or market leadership then StreamSend 2.0 might be worth checking out.

Additional Information:

  • Private IP addresses for all clients
  • Pricing: $99 per month (50k emails)
  • Website: